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An Old Love and a New Friend (Back to Taylor Head)

This Fall I had the opportunity to welcome an American Twitter outdoor friend to Nova Scotia and most excitingly, take him hiking on my favorite trail. Living in Nova Scotia, I try to most showcase to others the terrain that I think makes us special. Sure, we have many inland and forested trails which very much resemble East Coast America: Roots, rocks, the same soft and hardwood forests and giant granite glacial erratics dotting climbs to stony look offs.
But Nova Scotia also has a 7,400 km (4,600 mi) coastline, all of it wide open to the Atlantic Ocean or its many bays and straits. Beautiful beaches, staggering views from cliffs into a wide open watery, blue horizon. Driving through Nova Scotia you are never more than 64 km from the coast.
I picked Greg up at his hotel mid-morning and we crossed some of those 64 km (40 mi) through what happily remained of the fall colors on maples, poplars and birches in the Musquodobit Valley (yes, our indigenous people's history has left us wi…

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